Mother/mother, 2009

2 Dec 2009- 3 Jan, 2010

AIR Gallery, 111 Front St, #228 Brooklyn, NY, 11201

Curated by Jen Wroblewski

Mother/mother-* is an exhibition of work made by artists within the years immediately following a pregnancy or the birth of a child. The exhibition includes drawings, paintings, narrative and non-narrative film and video, sculpture, an artist’s book, an audio selection, and one piece of embroidery. The artists live and work in the U.S., Canada, Scotland, England, and Spain. For the purpose of the exhibition, the title Mother/mother- * also refers to father artists. “Mother” is the term that elicits the great frisson when uttered within the larger art culture.

Exhibiting artists: Shelley Rae, Kakyoung Lee, Erika deVries, Rachel Howfield, Abbey Williams, Darren Floyd, Keltner + Valentova, Karla Florèz Albor, Kate Wilhelm, Lindsay Page, Parisa Taghizadeh, Silvia Iturria, Liz Dierdorf, Xiaowie Chen, Judith van Praag, Regina Granne, Vicki Sher, Sharon Thomas, Hayley Hara, Thom Hasenmayer, Monica Bock, Ivan Stojakovic, Vikki Michalios, Rebecca Klementovich, Elizabeth Foster, Barbara Campbell Thomas, Jan Johnson, Leah Souffrant, Marie-Francoise Theodore*, Emilie Upzak*, Ingrid Berthon-Moine*, Ilana Rein*

About the curator: Jennifer Wroblewski is an artist and 2008-2009 A.I.R. Gallery Fellow. She was awarded a 2009 NYFA Fellowship in Printmaking/Drawing/Book Arts. She is an adjunct lecturer in the School of Art + Design at (SUNY) Purchase College. Mother/mother- * is her first curatorial effort.