Zone Card: a statement

‘In 2012 a stranger on a train did not ignore my unusual behaviour.  Instead of being uncomfortable and choosing to ignore it they sought help and saved my life.

‘Zone Card’ offers an insight to epilepsy in the form of ‘absence seizures’, portraying breakdown in communicate between subject and other.  This film short acts furthermore as a tribute to that unknown passenger who bore witness and then reported. S.T



This film was supported by Scotrail  and sponsored by Unite the Union. This film was written by Linda Campbell based on the experience of Sharon Thomas, directed by Tam Hetherton and co-produced by Karen O’Hare and Linda Campbell, 2018.

The foundation of this film short was developed from the work Epilepsy and Eye (2016) exhibited in the show: Beyond Epilepsy, CCA, Glasgow in 2016

This film was 1st Prize winner: International Epilepsy Day, Dublin, Ireland in 2019.


Zone Card


Sponsored by:                  Unite The Union

Supported by:                   Scotrail and TSSA


Sharon Thomas:               Saffron J Mullen

Liz McDonald:                   Liz McFarlane-Davie

Conductor:                        Lauren Wade

Paramedic 1:                    Chris Martin

Paramedic 1:                     Adair Murray

Passenger:                        Derek Johnstone

Passenger:                        Alison Campbell-Glass

Passenger:                        Jess Galloway


Film crew:

Sound Recordist:              Ewan Jessamine

Editor:                               David Cherry

DOP:                                 Christy Kail

1st AD:                               Karen O’hare

Camera Assistant:             Ryan S Bain

Hair and Makeup:              Francesca Hynd

Set Crew:                           Matt Kerr and Eva Thomas-Kerr


Music:                               Francis Macdonald


Writer:                                Linda Campbell

Director:                            Tam Hetherton

Co-producer:                     Linda Campbell & Karen O’Hare

Associate Producer:          Sharon Thomas


With Special thanks to:

Jamie Caldwell (Unite the Union)

Jane Kelsey, Alan Young, John Beaton and Jaqueline Hepburn (Scotrail)

Liz Warren-Corney (TSSA)